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Welcome to the Wellness Community!

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Welcome to the Wellness Community! We are thrilled you are here and hope that this will be a space where you can fill in gaps in your wellbeing that may be holding you back from living your best life.  We are eager to connect with you, hear your story and set you on a path toward becoming the person you were created to be!

Our well-being is made up of the following aspects:

1. Physical: Our physical health is impacted by our habits and lifestyle choices. We can be in a state of “dis-ease” when we are not properly caring for the body we have been given. Although it can be hard, with tools, consistency and support we can learn healthy lifestyle habits that can lead to a life of vitality.

2. Emotional and Psychological: How we think and feel about ourselves and the world around us, the ways we respond to our circumstances, and our mindset (which plays a large part in our actions that move us either closer or further from who we were created to be).

3. Social: Your ability to communicate and form meaningful relationships with others. Social wellbeing allows you to have a strong sense of identity, self-worth and belonging because you are appreciated for exactly who you are, while not feeling the need to conform or “fit in.”

4. Spiritual: Our connection to our inner self, nature or a higher power that enables us to find true meaning and purpose for our lives. We also can identify reasons for trials or trauma in our lives when parts of our story can be used for good or to help another.

5. Intellectual: Intellectual well-being allows us to expand our knowledge and skills to experience success in life while using our own unique gifts. Our brain is capable of developing new neuropathways which allows us to continue growing, despite mistakes and failures.

6. Economic: We are in a state of economic well-being when we have the ability to meet our basic needs, feel a sense of security, or have the ability to give back due to an abundance.  

Great news! You will have the opportunity to work on ALL of these areas of your wellbeing here! There are professionals with special skills in positive psychology, health and fitness, faith, and finance. Sometimes we feel we are at rock bottom and don’t know where to start. I personally raised my hand for help in my physical health in 2018 and quickly lost weight and inflammation, gained confidence and energy and then I could focus on other aspects of my wellbeing because I felt so much better!  It changed everything and I felt like a new woman within 12 weeks (you can read more about my health transformation in my bio).


There is so much power in a like-minded community that lives life out loud. That is what has driven me to create even more virtual communities like this because I feel that true healing happens in community. We realize we are not alone in our struggles and can leave our shame at the door. It is refreshing to know I’m not the only person who battles sugar addiction, emotional eating, and disorganization. We are all perfectly imperfect beings, striving for better.  


In this community, members will have the opportunity to share vulnerable stories and experiences either publicly or anonymously. The content is heavily moderated and we will strive to keep this an uplifting and supportive use of social media. No cyber-bullying will be tolerated. This is not a place to argue about our differences of opinion. Rather, it is a place where we can feel a sense of unity as human beings who have similar fears, doubts, stressors, and obstacles. Here we are choosing to better ourselves while supporting others on the journey with us. I hope you will feel a sense of belonging and connection here by being your beautiful, authentic self.

To get the most out of your experience in this community, you are encouraged to turn your notifications on so that you are informed of new content or announcements. Please engage in the content so that we can learn and grow together. As you complete the experiences, read discussions, blogs, or take part in learning modules, you may wish to connect with a particular coach or member. The beautiful thing about this community is that many people can pour into you along your journey toward optimal wellbeing, while allowing you to identify your perfect coach if you desire a more personal program.  Send a friend request to those you find a connection with. 

Wishing you an abundance of blessings as you strive toward becoming your best self!

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Kate Gallihugh

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F.I.T - Fitness Inspiration Tips
By definition the word fitness is: "The condition of being physically fit and healthy". My definition of Fitness is a bit different. Fitness is not a condition but a celebration of your amazing body! Being Fit isn't about the amount of weight you can bench press, or the distance you can run. Being Fit is about being comfortable in your own body, feeling refreshed when you wake up, and loving your body at all stages. I'm Brittney the community leader of Health and Fitness - I created this F.I.T group to inspire you to feel good, live good, and enjoy the movement of your body! I will be sharing videos, recipes, and inspiring stories to help you become your best version not only physically, but mentally spiritually! For more fun and variety in your workouts check out the group LombardMMA Fit!
Brittney Brown
This is a 6 week group coaching session to get you in right macro mindset! This group is for you whether you want to have fat loss in deficit or want to try and build more muscle with more maintenance/surplus level of calories. You will have access to me via a Facebook group along with other members for more coaching and questions. You will receive one starting set of macros for fat loss and it will include my guide to reverse dieting. I will teach you how to calculate your own basic macros along the way in the Convene Group so you can make some basic adjustments if you prefer. Macros numbers can be ever changing so knowing how make small adjustments can be helpful in staying the path long term and making this a sustainable lifestyle beyond the duration on the group. This will include my guide on macros, how to track, some tips and tricks and my grocery list. This is not meal plans, the goal is to make the food you love fit your custom macros. Let’s focus on your health and fitness goals and support each other along the way! If you have a history of long term low calorie eating then you likely need a full reverse diet to have results from healthy calorie deficit. If you are concerned you fall into this category, please reach out before signing up. If you have been a long term chronic low calorie eater, it is unlikely you will have fat loss results until you complete a full reverse diet and live at maintenance for several months.
Lauren Garza
Victory Bridge Foundation
Victory Bridge Foundation (VBF) is a national community empowering our Nation’s Heroes to build their bridge to wellness. VBF serves veterans, first responders, and their families through grassroots engagements, personalized retreats, and national recognition of mental health advocacy. In doing so, VBF strengthens the community by normalizing conversations about post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and suicide prevention.
Stephen Ford

Community Public Experiences

Cardio Self Defense Home Workout for F.I.T - Fitness Inspiration Tips
Workout Sequence: 1. Cross hook cross 2. Double bounce/knee bounces/toe heel 3. Jab cross jab rear foot jab 4. Jump Squat (body squat modifier) 5. Jab rear uppercut hook 6. Rear uppercut hook knee 7. Jab cross slip slip 8. 5 jump squat 2 push ups 9. Jab cross double weave 10. Clinch n knee doubles pendulum 11. Jab Rear uppercut hook knee 12. Jumping scissor lunge (alt lunges modifier) 13. Jab cross lead elbow rear elbow 14. Rear uppercut hook cross 15. Jab cross switch foot jab 16. 5 jump scissor lunge 2 push ups 17. Hook cross hook 18. Jab cross bicycle blitz, jab cross blitz, hook blitz, uppercut blitz, high knee jab cross blitz 19. Jab cross bicycle blitz, jab cross blitz, hook blitz, uppercut blitz, high knee jab cross blitz 20. Jab cross bicycle blitz, jab cross blitz, hook blitz, uppercut blitz, high knee jab cross blitz
Let's Talk Food! for F.I.T - Fitness Inspiration Tips
The phrase, “you are what you eat” is literally true. Nutrients from the foods you eat food provide the foundation of the structure, function, and integrity of every little cell in your body, from your skin and hair to your muscles, bones, digestive and immune systems. You may not feel it, but you’re constantly repairing, healing and rebuilding your body.
The American Breakfast
In America, breakfast is often nothing more than disguised dessert. Let's find out what your eating for Breakfast.
Welcome to F.I.T!
Welcome to F.I.T! I'm Brittney, The Health & Fitness Community leader. Find out why I created this group....
7 Secrets to Living a Balanced Life
How balanced do you feel with your health, family time, social experiences, finances, business, and spiritual development? Some believe that maintaining a balance between these elements is the secret to living a healthy and fulfilling life.
Who will win? Procrastination vs. Persistence the ultimate showdown.
What happens when motivation fades and procrastination sets in? Can the will of persistency prevail or will you fall a victim to procrastions trap? Find out how to stay a float and stay on track with your goals!
Discipline vs. Habits
Video with Matthew Currins as we explore the benefits of switching up our daily routines in order to grow your own disciplinary action. See how you can apply this topic into your daily life.
Professionals say boxing proves to be effective in self-defense training.
"When I first got involved in martial arts, it was more for physical fitness. But then I saw this is a value that all women should have, whether you have kids or not."
What is good health?
Fast facts on health: Here are some key points about health. More detail is in the main article. Health can be defined as physical, mental, and social wellbeing, and as a resource for living a full life. It refers not only to the absence of disease, but the ability to recover and bounce back from illness and other problems. Factors for good health include genetics, the environment, relationships, and education. A healthful diet, exercise, screening for diseases, and coping strategies can all enhance a person’s health.
Social Media and Mental Health
Social Media has the ability to connect people in ways we could never connect before. This is especially helpful for marginalized individuals and groups, and for raising awareness of philanthropic ventures. At a glance we think there is no way we could do what we do without social media. Unfortunately, all this connectivity is not without its drawbacks, particularly as it relates to mental health.
A mindset strategy to improve motivation, eliminate bad habits, formulate good habits and improve relationships.
Kate Gallihugh
Self Esteem and Self-Confidence: Are They Different or One in the Same?
The More We Say, “I Can’t,” the More We Won’t…Try Instead to Say “I Will Try.” That is the First Step…Believing in the Possibility of a More Positive Outcome
Jodi Watkins
When life gets hard and overwhelming, we can establish non-negotiables so that each day can feel like a win, even when all the boxes don't get checked!
Kate Gallihugh