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This is a 6 week group coaching session to get you in right macro mindset! This group is for you whether you want to have fat loss in deficit or want to try and build more muscle with more maintenance/surplus level of calories. You will have access to me via a Facebook group along with other members for more coaching and questions. You will receive one starting set of macros for fat loss and it will include my guide to reverse dieting. I will teach you how to calculate your own basic macros along the way in the Convene Group so you can make some basic adjustments if you prefer. Macros numbers can be ever changing so knowing how make small adjustments can be helpful in staying the path long term and making this a sustainable lifestyle beyond the duration on the group. This will include my guide on macros, how to track, some tips and tricks and my grocery list. This is not meal plans, the goal is to make the food you love fit your custom macros. Let’s focus on your health and fitness goals and support each other along the way! If you have a history of long term low calorie eating then you likely need a full reverse diet to have results from healthy calorie deficit. If you are concerned you fall into this category, please reach out before signing up. If you have been a long term chronic low calorie eater, it is unlikely you will have fat loss results until you complete a full reverse diet and live at maintenance for several months.

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