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In this group, you will get to know a bit about me and my approach to therapy. Counseling is a special relationship based on trust and respect. My approach is to help you find and develop your inner strengths. To me, life is like a river, and no two rivers are alike. Sometimes a river meanders quietly, and other times it runs swiftly. There is calm water, whirlpools, rapids, and sometimes the water gets stuck behind a rock. Rivers are full of wonder, beauty, and most of all, strength. Much like you and me! Counseling can help you learn to navigate through life’s experiences. Through the journey, you will feel empowered, motivated, and inspired to follow your own path and reach your full potential. Please wander through these pages and explore the services I provide and other information about my practice. I welcome the opportunity to talk with you.

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In an era marked by connections to smartphones, gadgets and the internet, the people around us have become profoundly disconnected from one another.

These interesting times are being defined by communities, workplaces, and relationships that are overwhelmed by interpersonal communication problems. People can talk through Bluetooth while driving, but cannot talk through what is driving them to feel blue. Couples express feelings by sharing Emoji faces with one another in text messages, but cannot understand the body language and facial expressions of one another. Coworkers may “like” one another’s status updates on Facebook, but struggle to find productive ways to enjoy their work together. Most everyone seems to feel the impact, however, they struggle with how to communicate it.
Patty Mohler, MS, LMHC is a highly renowned speaker, consultant, and therapist helping individuals, families, and businesses to understand and overcome the challenges of contemporary interpersonal communications in order to build long-lasting, deep and meaningful relationships with people. Patty’s work is driven by an unwavering belief that everyone is capable of designing and creating the life they were meant to live regardless of the challenges around them. Through positive energy, humor, and a holistic approach to wellness of mind and body, Patty captivates audiences and inspires purposeful connections and communications.  

Patty’s workshops and retreats are designed for people of all ages and backgrounds to come together and celebrate the joy and meaning of our shared human experiences.

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